team s cap dollars are allocated to the receiving corps

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team s cap dollars are allocated to the receiving corps

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Will the Cowboys ever master the cap? Always getting killed on some huge contract that didn t work out for whatever reason. Dead money kills our chance at depth. Look at the Pats dead money. It s always like 47 cents.

Scales Master the salary cap? It is always a work in progress, huh? I have some interesting notes on positional spending when it comes to the Cowboys WR corps. Pulling up those notes right now. Stand by.

Dez Dollars Cowboys Positional Spending on WRs Tops 34 Million, Second Most in NFL

Why are Jerry Stephen Jones eager to reduce Dez Bryant s salary and cap hit in the coming season? It s not just Dez s recent production not matching his hit on the team s salary cap 17m hit in 2017 for 838 receiving yards and six TDs . It s the fact that the Cowboys currently have more than 34 million cap dollars allocated to 10 wide receivers currently on the 2018 roster, the second highest amount in the NFL in positional spending for wide receivers.
Currently, 18.77 percent of the team s cap dollars are allocated to the receiving corps, including the recent free agent acquisitions of Allen Hurns and Deonte Thompson. source

Only the Tampa Bay Bucs 35.247m, 19.4 of salary cap currently have more committed to WRs in 2018 than the Cowboys 34 Zac Dysert Jersey,384m, 18.77 of cap .

The Bucs and the Cowboys are the only two teams with more than 30m committed to wide receivers. The team currently ranked third in positional spending on WRs is the Miami Dolphins at 28.256m 16.91 of cap
The Bucs high number comes from the fact they have the highest paid WR in football, Mike Evans of Texas A M, whose 5 year, 82.5m contract averages 16.5m per season and counts 18.25m versus the 2018 cap. The Bucs also have veteran receiver DeSean Jackson who counts 11m versus this year s cap. Evans and Jackson combine for more than 15 percent of the Bucs 2018 cap.

As for the Cowboys, there are currently 10 receivers on the roster including newcomers Hurns and Thompson who rank third and fifth, respectively, in their hits against the team s cap.

Here s the breakdown
How does the Cowboys spending compare to the average of NFL teams? So far through the offseason, the average positional spending on wide receivers is 20.9m, so the Cowboys are almost 14m above the average spending for the receiving corps.

As for the Cowboys division rivals, only the Giants are spending committing above average cap dollars to WRs. The Giants have 12 receivers under contract totaling 23m, ranking them 13 among all NFL teams. The Eagles have only 14.67m committed to WRs, way down in the rankings at 25. And coming in last place with only 10.69m committed to WRs are the Washington Redskins who have only six receivers under contract.

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